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A generous friend, John Gilmore, from my writing group, introduced my blog to his readers by devoting a whole post to me. He compared my writing to a savory type of cheese that deserved tasting. Should I do the same for him? Let me compare his writing to a fine, aromatic Latakia blend that wafts richly off the digital page, yet gets straight to the point! His blog called – The Writing Loft – at http://thewritingloft.wordpress.com is a very well written collection of short pieces on writing and writers. Experience Rudyard Kipling’s Vermont home, the ups and downs of UP, Hemingway if he lived in Bridgeport, CT, and the efficacies of Twitter, stylebooks, and knowing your audience—to open the possibilities.

John has been writing professionally for years. His spy thriller, Cocaineros Duel, coming out in December, is both exciting and full of intrigue. I’ll let you know when it becomes available. In the meantime, you can go to his blog, settle back and enjoy.


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