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A generous friend, John Gilmore, from my writing group, introduced my blog to his readers by devoting a whole post to me. He compared my writing to a savory type of cheese that deserved tasting. Should I do the same for him? Let me compare his writing to a fine, aromatic Latakia blend that wafts richly off the digital page, yet gets straight to the point! His blog called – The Writing Loft – at http://thewritingloft.wordpress.com is a very well written collection of short pieces on writing and writers. Experience Rudyard Kipling’s Vermont home, the ups and downs of UP, Hemingway if he lived in Bridgeport, CT, and the efficacies of Twitter, stylebooks, and knowing your audience—to open the possibilities.

John has been writing professionally for years. His spy thriller, Cocaineros Duel, coming out in December, is both exciting and full of intrigue. I’ll let you know when it becomes available. In the meantime, you can go to his blog, settle back and enjoy.


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So now I’m writing number fifteen and wondering why I’m really doing this. What do I have to gain by writing it—what’s my real ulterior motive?

Is it something sinister? Well, no, not sinister, but maybe selfish. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, making a living as a writer, etcetera and this is a way to accomplish that, or so, I think:

  • I’ve always been a little naïve, perhaps purposely. I don’t want to see everything about the potential results of my undertakings, fearing that if I did, I would lose all hope. So I maintain this piece of hope by blinding myself to the possibility that my dreams will not come true—I like pie, it is my favorite food, and soon I’m going to write a short piece about how I got my grandmother to teach me to make pies, and how I used to make eight to ten of them for family holidays. So, I think a little pie in the sky is good.

Now if this is indeed a selfish, self aggrandizing undertaking, why should you read it? (And when I say you, if I’m not being naïve, then I mean those 40 some friends, family, acquaintances, and contacts who I have so far intrigued or coerced.) Perhaps you should read this because there’s something about what I say that touches you, is meaningful to you because you are a human being trying to make your way through this life too.

Therefore, I invite you to read on if you want to. I am glad for an audience to share this with. If not, and you’d like me to take you off the list, email me (larryr@optonline.net). Saying something like “Please take me off the list.” Or “Please remove my name.” I’ll understand. I also get way too much e-mail that I do not read.

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Welcome to this blog.

As you may have already guessed, this is not a chronological rendering of my precious thoughts as they seep spontaneously  and  incoherently from my mind, but, rather, a collection of pieces that are self-contained and hopefully interesting in themselves without necessitating an awareness of what has gone before.

That doesn’t mean you can’t read them in the order they were posted , or, for that matter, in reverse order (the way blogs are set up).  However, one suggestion would be to select by title from the Index or by topic from Categories and read what intrigues you the most.

The following is the first post I wrote. It explains why I began to craft this in the first place, thanks for visiting:

I watched “Julie and Julia” last night with my wife. Blogging looked like fun. I was sorry that Julia didn’t approve of Julie’s blog after all the love and excitement Julie had for her. They both seemed like wonderful people. However, this was based on a true story and real life doesn’t work out the same as movies with perfectly neat endings. Sometimes things end with a whimper.

This world we live in, set to end in 2012? Will it be a storybook ending? Will our feared enemies overtake us? Will we succumb to immense earthquakes and other seismic extravaganzas or will we choke to death on our own dumping?

Will it matter? The earth is only a tiny ball hurtling through space. You could fit a million of them into our average-size sun. Our solar system, all the way out to Saturn, could be fit into Canis Majoris, the largest star in our galaxy. There’s over a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and over one hundred billion galaxies in our universe. So will it matter if this nearly infinitesimal speck is deleted by a quick backspace of the cosmos??

It matters to me. Just like the little girl said about the starfish she was throwing back in the ocean. I think we matter and Life itself will do its best to keep our quiet corner of the universe safe for us, but we have to help. I can’t just assume everything is going to be fine if I don’t make at least some effort as we gag on our own refuse.

What does this refuse include? Our treatment of the planet, of other countries, other nationalities and races, of our fellow citizens, neighbors, of our families and ourselves.

I’ve always found it difficult to love myself, how can I pretend to love others if I don’t love myself, right here, right now.

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